How to find true love.

This is mostly of what I think about true love. Maybe this will help you in finding it.

After reading a friends blog, I was somewhat inspired to write this. But first you must read what he wrote.

3. “True love” no es una alma partida en dos que depende al 100% de la otra, sino dos almas completamente distintas quienes deciden tomar un camino juntas.

This was part of a much bigger blog post.

Let me translate.

3. “True Love”  is not a soul broken in two that depends on another one to a 100% extent. But two souls completely opposite, which decide to take a journey together.

He was able to pen down words that most of us try to find through most of our life. That one sentence defines what “true love” really is. Remember that law that states “Opposites Attract” well this applies to all of it. Does it not? I think so, and what happens to all those divorces, bad relationships, cry’s that make you want to kill yourself. If someone “breaks up with you” (mostly girls) start crying, feel guilty, and probably when they lie in the there beds at night. They go over every tiny little detail, of what they did wrong so that person “broke up with them”. The reality is:

If he broke up with you. Then that means that dirty old bastard is not worth you’re time. You (the girl) are the queen in the relationship, you must treat yourself like one. (Without becoming a selfish one)

Then the guys, some of you hope along for the ride, give wings to a girl, and then break any bonds with her. Let me ask you this. Are you just interested in sex? Or do you really want to have a steady relationship with a girl. I have seen so many failed relationships because of this. Yes, it might be true that girls think as much of sex as guys. But they don’t express it as much. Hey, what else do they talk about in the bathroom? They don’t just take pictures, in the mirror, they talk about sex, if there vaginas have bled already or not. And if they want to do it with this, or that guy.

“True Love” yes it invloves sex, yes it involves hardships. And yes you might think that this or that person is not right for you. But let me tell you one tip on how to find “True love”. Seek out you’re opposite, take a leap, take a step, make a journey. Bring yourself closer. (I’m not saying you should marry the guy/girl). And most of all, make a special bond, that you are shure will last forever.

That’s what true love is for me.

Sorry for being brutally honest.

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