The Four Elements.

Don’t they look like vines?

After that I wrote the introduction to the movie. (Hint: Wind Waker) After I wrote the first scene. The camera movment’s for the first shot was incredible complicated to pen down.

[Low Angle] We see the feet of a knight in shining armor. The camera slowly seems to go up. And then gives a quick swift upward.[Eye Level] His back is facing the audience and the camera. He starts walking. The camera seems to pull back and follow him at the same time. (As he walks) [Dolly Zoom]

And that’s just the beginning of it. Worst part is there are no jump cuts during this specific pan around.  (Yes I write camera angles, names, things). It’s a very complicated scene. And that’s just the beginning.

The land of Inceqrra, was once ruled by 4 powers. Those powers then disapeared. And now it is up to new heores to save the land.

That was another little snippet. Non the less, I think the time line was inspired by RPG’s, Zelda, and Final Fantasy. Oh! And anime, lot’s and lots of anime. Basically I will try and copy all the details of anime. And try to film them in a live action film.

Remember nothing is final, And I’m just writing the script. And I haven’t even gotten a movie studio to support me. I’m just a teen, with a dream. Maybe this will take a lot more time than I expected.

Here’s a vlog I did in commemoration of today.

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